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Wyse Launches Revolutionary App for iPhone and iPad to Search, View, Organize, and Share Content from Your Personal Cloud
Wyse PocketCloud Explore Integrates Multi-device Search, Cloud Storage, Web Sharing and Multimedia Streaming to Complement an Existing Set of Powerful Features

Wyse Technology, the global leader in cloud client computing, today announced an iOS version and an update to the Android version of Wyse PocketCloud Explore, its mobile cloud app for multi-device content management.

Wyse PocketCloud ExploreWyse PocketCloud Explore for iOS or Android provides a unified view of everything you’ve stored on your personal and work devices (we call this your personal cloud). The app also works in conjunction with the Wyse PocketCloud Remote Desktop apps to run any of your Windows or Mac applications and edit documents. It no longer matters which operating system the file originated from, with Wyse PocketCloud Explore you can easily search multiple computers to find, open, edit, organize, and share content while on-the-go.

Wyse PocketCloud Explore also includes full integration with Wyse PocketCloud Web (beta announced last week at Mobile World Asia), allowing users to extend their personal cloud to include public Web storage. The combination of Wyse PocketCloud Explore, Wyse PocketCloud Remote Desktop, and Wyse PocketCloud Web provides users with a powerful solution to search, manage, store, edit, retrieve and share files, music, videos, documents, and images, using a mobile device or desktop computer.

“Our vision is to extend the Wyse PocketCloud family with a constellation of rich native and browser-based apps, centered helping you access your favorite applications and content on your computers and in the cloud,” said Daniel Barreto, general manager of mobile cloud business unit at Wyse. “With Wyse PocketCloud Explore and Wyse PocketCloud Web integration, we are pioneering an unprecedented combination of remote and public cloud storage that will meet the need for both accessibility and privacy.”

Key features of Wyse PocketCloud Explore include:

           • Browse and search remote computers and devices, including your Android device running PocketCloud Explore
           • Unlimited copying and moving of video, image, and audio files between Mac and Windows computers
           • View videos from your remote computers
           • Share files directly from your remote computers or your PocketCloud Web Cloudbin (beta), and notify recipients through e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter
           • Upload and download files between Android or iOS and your remote computers
           • Open remote files in the app viewer or edit in your choice of mobile apps

Wyse PocketCloud Explore for iOS and Android allows you to finally achieve digital harmony through your own personal cloud with the efficiency of multi-device search, the power of full mobile computing, convenience of remote and public storage and the security of retaining full control of digital content.

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Wyse PocketCloud Explore for iOS is available now and can be downloaded free from the App Store here:
Wyse PocketCloud Explore for Android is available now and can be downloaded free from the Android Market here: